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Introducing Technology

One of the things that has helped humankind to develop so rapidly is our ability to make and use products.

Like complex language, it is one of the capabilities unique to human beings and it continues to steer our evolution today.
Technology is the subject that teaches us to appreciate the importance of designing and making products.
Why is it important to learn about Technology?
The world needs creative thinkers and people who can solve problems. Learning Technology helps us to develop these vital skills which are needed in
nearly every aspect of our lives. Technology teaches us how to be creative by developing our own ideas and understanding the ideas of others.
Above all, Technology is fun.
We all like feeling proud when we have made something that works well and we all learn better when we do things in a practical way.
We spend most of our time making things in Technology because it is fun and that makes learning more effective.


What is Technology like at Sha Tin College?

In Years 7, 8 and 9, all students at Sha Tin College participate in Design & Technology and ICT lessons. They spend most of their time
designing and making useful products that they are proud to take home. The lessons and projects are varied and interesting, often full of surprises and challenges.

In Years 10 and 11 you can carry on studying Technology if you want to and achieve a GCSE qualification. There are four to choose from:
  • Food Technology
  • Graphic Products
  • Resistant Materials
  • Electronic Products
  • Textiles (from Aug 2013)

In Years 12 and 13 you can continue to study Design Technology (standard and higher level) as part of the International Baccalaureate Diploma.
The Design Technology options are:
  • CAD/CAM (best GCSE match - Resistant Materials)
  • Food Technology (best GCSE match - Food Technology)
  • Human Factors Design (best GCSE match - Graphic Products)

Each option closely matches one of our current GCSE options so it is easy to continue studying your chosen specialist area.
You will be taught by a specialist teacher and will still be designing and making products. Here is a basic summary of the course:
Year 12: Standard level Topics 1-7, Higher level study additional Topics 8-12.
Four 'Internal Assessments' or mini-projects.
Year 13: Options as above (standard level topics and additional higher level topics)
One 'Major Project'.

If you have any further questions, details are available in the Year 10 and the Year 12 curriculum brochure, or you may speak to any member of the department.

Many of our students carry on their studies in Technology at University, learning about a huge range of subjects including:
Architecture, Hotel Management and Catering, Product Design, Food Science and Nutrition, Graphic Design and Engineering.
This is just the tip of the iceberg, many courses like to accept students who have studied Technology because they are creative and know how to
design and make products.

What is 'Design and Technology'?
The department at Sha Tin College is called theTechnology Department. Everyone who works in it helps to teach about designing and making products.
Some of your lessons will focus on Food so these lessons are all called 'Food Technology'.

Some of your lessons will focus on materials, electronics and graphics so these lessons are all called 'Design and Technology'.

Some of your lessons will focus on information and communication technology, using a range of computer software and hardware,
so these lessons are called 'ICT'

NEW PROJECTDevelopment of complementary Moodle courses at:http://852learning.mdl2.com/

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